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NyCityPestControl is a licensed pest control company that exterminates all types of pests in homes, businesses, and industries located in NYC. We offer 24/7 emergency services with a   30-day followup program to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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30-Day Follow-up on Pest Control Services

Most companies use mediocre methods to kill the pests. But, a week later, the pests are all over the place again and the company isn’t available for help. And you are helpless.

But, don’t worry. We are different. When handling complex pest problems, sometimes multiple treatments may be required to get rid of them completely. To give you the best experience, we offer a 30-day follow-up program to ensure that the insects are completely exterminated from your place and you sleep without worrying about being bitten or even disturbed by the thought of these parasites in your place.

In the event of pest recurrence, feel free to call us for an additional assessment. We will be available to give a second layer of treatment to ensure that you get 100% satisfying results from our services.

We treat our customers well, because we sincerely believe customer satisfaction is what helps a business to grow. That’s how we’ve grown over the years.

DIY Pest Info

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NyCityPestControl has the experience and expertise in dealing with a range of pest including native rodents of NY Metro. We appreciate questions and queries on pest control, and assure quick response for the same.

If your questions are interesting, we will even feature them on our blog for the benefit of hundreds of readers. We realize that many New Yorkers face pest problems, so providing them with the best information can help reduce uncertainties and help them deal with the problem better.

Some frequently asked questions include:

  • What are some best pest prevention techniques?
  • How do I identify the presence of pests in my house?
  • How can I control pest activity at night?

How To Choose A Pest Professional

When choosing a pest extermination service, make sure to spend some time researching the company’s track record and then some time to verify the same. This simple step can save you from making costly mistakes.

Guidelines in choosing a pest control company

1. Get estimates from multiple companies: Not all service providers offer the same quality of service. And not all offer the same price. When comparing “apples to apples”, it makes sense to get written quotes from three or four top pest control companies in your area. Roping in the wrong companies hurriedly is one of the most common mistakes by most home and business owners. Never do that.

2. Check the company’s credentials: When it comes to checking the history of a pest removal company, the department of consumer affairs and the Better Business Bureau are two sources you could check with. And yeah, do your own research as well. Check for complaints, testimonials, and referrals. Make sure the company you wish to work with has a good track record in the business. Most satisfied customers say that contractors and service providers with a good reliability history are the ones that deliver exceptional results as promised. If you wish to background-check NyCityPestControl history, feel free to browse the reviews and comments posted by our customers on social media and various forums. You’ll get an idea of how good we are!

3. Review the warranty: No warranty is worth a cent after the company has exited from business. Make sure you pay attention to the company’s policy and T&C before hiring them to handle your pest problem. Also, read every detail mentioned in the contract including the fine gray print at the back. Ask for possibilities of any exceptions or warranty complications.

4. Insurance & Certifications: If there is a lot of work to be done, don’t hesitate to ask for the company’s Liability & Workman’s Compensation insurance Certificate copies. Also, see to that the work is handled by a State Certified professional. Having someone that is a part of the New York State Pest Management Association is a big plus for the company, and that adds to your relief too.

5. Price protection guarantee: Many pest removal services require follow ups and extended contracts, which are common when dealing with complex pest problems. Ask your provider beforehand if they have a price protection guarantee. This will help avoid increasing charges in the subsequent months.

6. Review the T&C’s in the Agreement: Get to know the terms specified in the agreement. For example, the duration of the service is a major factor. Note down the names of chemicals that are being used to kill the pests and whether they are harmful for humans or not. Most companies stick to limited amount of chemicals with sparse distribution.

Find out the total number of treatments that will be covered in the agreement and how often will they be repeated. For termite eradication, it’s important to know in advance whether any damage to wood will be compensated. And what if there is any damage to your property during re-inspection? Also ask your service provider where the treatment equipment will be stationed during the extermination process.

Ask the provider how long it takes to complete the service and how often will they return for after-treatment inspections and cleanups. Asking these questions will help you choose the best pest extermination service and ultimately get the best bang for your buck.